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Do’s and Don’ts pertaining to Fire Hazard
Fire Starts when a flammable/combustible material is exposed to a source of heat in collaboration with a sufficient quantity of oxygen. Fire can be extinguished by removing any one of the elements of the fire triangle. Fire can be natural or man-made.
Triangle of fire   Types of fire   Combustible metal – commonly used in industries
1 Manufacturing and formulation installations including during commissioning and process operations; maintenance and disposal.
2 Material handling and storage in manufacturing facilities, and isolated storages; warehouses and godowns including tank farms in ports and docks and fuel depots.
3 Transportation (road, rail, air, water, and pipelines).
There are many reasons which causes fire such as accidents, electrical short-circuit, carelessness, etc. Further, Gujarat is highly industrialized State which increases the vulnerability. Fire causes huge losses of life and property every year. And yet, with some precaution, most fires can be prevented and damage minimized.
The development of fire services in India, to a large extent, was influenced by India’s political and historical association with Britain. Regular fire services in India first came up in Bombay (Mumbai) & Calcutta (Kolkata).
Fire Services in Gujarat are under the respective concerned municipal corporations.
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