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An Initiative of Government of Gujarat
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School Safety Initiative is a program under GSDMA for the year 2012-13.It's a Yearly Programme. This program is stretched for the whole state of Gujarat.
The objectives of the program are:
To create culture of safety in school
To build the capacity of students, teachers and other staff for responding in emergency situations.
To encourage students to take disaster management as a field of interest.
To promote partnership among various stakeholders associated with school community.
To train teachers in formulating DM plan and carrying out mock drills in school
The main components of the program are:
1 Preparation of school DM plan format
The school DM plan format will be prepared by GSDMA and will be distributed in schools. Schools will fill the format and would send back to GSDMA for approval.
2 Sensitization program at state/District level
Sensitization programs will be organized in state/district level spreading the concept of disaster management in schools.
3 Preparation of teachers training manual
A teachers training manual will be prepared by GSDMA for training of teachers. This manual will cover all the modules which a teacher must know for carrying disaster preparedness in school. This manual will be prepared basically for the capacity building of teachers.
4 Training of teachers
Based on the teachers training manual the teachers will get training in GSDMA.
5 Preparation of Guidelines for conducting mock drills
A manual of guidelines will be prepared by GSDMA for carrying mock drills in school. This manual will guide teachers and other stakeholders to carry out mock drills. They would also know the team formation and creating scenarios of disaster for carrying mock drills. The students will get to know the standard procedures and code of conduct in emergency situations.
6 Rapid visual survey of selected schools
Rapid visual survey of selected schools will be done by GSDMA in collaboration with external agencies. The RVS will help us in planning non-structural mitigation measures required to be done in schools.
7 Non-structural mitigation guidelines for schools
The GSDMA will prepare non-structural mitigation guidelines for school. These guidelines will ensure the non-structural mitigation is an important aspect in disaster preparedness apart from structural mitigation measures.
8 Development of IEC material
IEC material will be developed by GSDMA in the form of booklet, posters, games, etc these material will create awareness about disasters in school. The students will get an environment where they can do some creativity apart from their normal schooling.
9 Disaster Olympiad
GSDMA is planning to organize a Disaster Olympiad completion for students of 10th standard like science and math’s Olympiad. This activity is planned for encouraging students to make their career in disaster management field.
10 Competitions like painting, poster, debate, quiz etc
These competitions will develop student’s interest in disaster field. These competition aims at nurturing student’s creativity in disaster management field.
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