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The national school safety program is launched as a pilot project in 22states/UTs. 200 schools of 43 districts each in 22 states/UTs falling in seismic zone IV and V are targeted under this project. The project is centrally sponsored with a total cost of 48.47 Crore to be implemented by National Disaster Management Authority in collaboration with Ministry of Human Resource Development.
The objectives of the project are:
To initiate policy level changes for ensuring safe school environment
To sensitize children and the school community on disasters preparedness and safety measures
To motivate direct participation of key stakeholders in activities that would help building towards a disaster resilient community
To promote capacity building of officials, teachers and students
To carry out Information, Education, and Communication activities in schools and associated environment
To implement non-structural mitigation measures in selected schools
To carry out demonstrative structural retrofitting in selected schools
In Gujarat Kutch and Jamnagar districts have been identified for this project which falls in seismic zone IV and V.
The main components of this project are:
1 Formulation of draft of National School Safety Policy
This mainly deals with drafting National School Safety Policy at national level.
2 Capacity building in 400 schools in Kutch and Jamnagar Districts
The structural vulnerability of school can be reduced but it would take quite more time as it is resource intensive work. Therefore it is vital to prepare disaster preparedness and response plans at school level. The school Disaster Management Plan will guide students, teachers and other staff on response and preparedness for disasters. The school DM plan will further associated with formation of various team for managing disasters. This will train them in basic life saving skills required in an emergency situation.
This component involves development of teachers training module, training of teachers, preparation of school DM plan, preparation and distribution of disaster preparedness kits and conduction of mock drills in school.
3 Information, Education and Communication activities
The community is the first responder to any event whether it is school or neighborhood. So school community must be sensitized on disaster preparedness and safety issues. The school community must be encouraged to participate in preparedness activities for knowledge building and awareness.
This component involves development of IEC material and others learning aids for school children, sensitization programs, awareness generation programs, development of audio-visual aid for schools, organizing competition such as painting, debate, quiz etc related to disaster management.
4 Non-Structural Measures
It involves rapid visual survey of 400 schools of Kutch and Jamnagar districts, training of engineers and preparation of standard checklist to assess the existing non-structural risks in school building, sensitization program on importance of non-structural retrofitting.
5 Demonstrative Retrofitting of one school
One school would be retrofitted under this component which would serve as a model school for retrofitting. This retrofitted school could also be used a relief shelter under district administration in post disaster situation for relief activities.
It involves preparation of retrofitting guidelines, preparation of execution plan and sensitization program for spreading importance of retrofitting.
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