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Fire Safety and Search & Rescue Trainings
Fire safety and search and rescue training is an essential requirement for every first responder in order to protect life, reduce suffering and property loss. Recent and earlier fire incidents have clearly demonstrated some of the major shortcomings in our fire fighting capabilities along the length and breadth of the country. The recent fire incident in a hospital in Eastern India has added another dangerous possibility and dimensions to fire accident. We need to have a serious look at the capabilities of our fire services in this context.
The role of fire services is to extinguish fire, rescue trapped persons, provide medical first aid and also respond to the various man-made fire accidents and natural disasters. The roles cannot be performed well until and unless sufficient training is imparted to the fire service personnel.
By keeping this in mind, training to first responders are being organized by GSDMA to ensure necessary exposure to develop their knowledge, skills, attitude, physical fitness, vision and mental alertness that they require to carry out their jobs efficiently.
The detail on different training programmes being organized for first responders by GSDMA in the State is as under;
1. Fire Safety Training to Rapid Action Force Personnel (RAF)
Rapid Action Force (RAF) stationed at Ahmedabad, Gujarat with the personnel strength of over 1,000. This can be a very useful resource in case of an emergency if they are properly trained.
Fire fighting and rescue activities require special training so GSDMA has coordinated the fire fighting training to 211 nos. of RAF personnel through Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) at Kotarpur, Ahmedabad. The batch wise detail regarding training is given below;
Batch Date Participants trained
1 19-03-2012 to 24-03-2012 53
2 26-03-2012 to 31-03-2012 52
3 16-04-2012 to 21-04-2012 56
4 23-04-2012 to 28-04-2012 50
Total 211
2. Special Search & Rescue Training
GSDMA has taken an initiation to organize series of training programmes with an objective to enhance capacity of all the personnel engaged with Fire & Emergency Services at Urban Local Body (Municipality) level.
In this regard, “Special Search & Rescue Training” has been decided to organize at Jamnagar Municipal Corporation for the Saurashtra & Kutch regions. This training programme has designed for fire and emergency services personnel, especially relevant to their job role.
The training programmes in seven batches have been completed in which over 210 personnel from Fire & Emergency Services of Kutch and Saurashrta region have been trained. Further, a special batch of 20 personnel of Home Guards from Dwarka and nearby Fire & Emergency Services (Okha, Dwarka, etc.) have been given Special Flood Rescue training.
List of Personnel Trained - Jamnagar
3. Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) and Medical First Responder (MFR) Training to Fire Personnel
Training of Trainers (ToT) on USAR and MFR is being coordinated by GSDMA at Vadodara under plan scheme of “Strengthening of Fire & Emergency Services in the Country” by MHA. The brief detail of training and participants are given below;
Batch Date Participants trained
1 19/12/2011 to 07/01/2012 30 (All from Gujarat)
2 26/12/2011 to 14/01/2012 16 (15 from Uttarakhand 01 from Gujarat)
3 23/01/2012 to 11/02/2012 28 (12 from Jammu & Kashmir, 11 from Bihar 05 from Gujarat)
4 06/08/2012 to 26/08/2012 14 (All from Gujarat)
5 01/01/2013 to 21/01/2013 17 (All from Gujarat)
6 01/01/2013 to 21/01/2013 29 (All from Gujarat)
Total 134 (96 from Gujarat, 15 from Uttarakhand, 12 from Jammu & Kashmir 11 From Bihar)
List of Personnel Trained - Vadodara
4. Basic Fire Safety Training
GSDMA is being provided technical equipments and vehicles to Fire and Emergency Services of the State to support and strengthen disaster response functions. However, proper handling and effective operation of such equipments/vehicles requires training and re-training of the staff/personnel. With a view to this, GSDMA has taken an initiation to train all of the personnel engaged with fire & emergency services. In this regard, “Basic Fire Training” for the personnel engaged with Fire & Emergency Services of South Gujarat region has been coordinated at Surat Municipal Corporation.
The training programmes in six batches have been completed in which over 65 personnel from Fire & Emergency Services of South Gujarat region have been trained.
List of Personnel Trained - Surat
Special search & Rescue Training Photographs
Training & Workshop
Mock Drill
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