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The Gujarat Emergency Earthquake Reconstruction Programme (GEERP) funded by the World Bank and the Gujarat Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Programme (GERRP) funded by the Asian Development Bank along with the Government of Gujarat counterpart funding was implemented by GSDMA covering various important works of reconstruction and rehabilitation such as assistance to the house owners, water supply, roads, electric supply and strengthening of the dams. The funding agencies for the programmes i.e. World Bank & Asian Development Bank released finances on “Reimbursement Basis” as and when the expenditure was incurred in the programmes. The GERRP and GEERP funded by Asian Development Bank & World Bank have been completed on 30.06.07 and 31.10.08 respectively.
The aggregate estimated cost of the said projects to be borne by the World Bank was for Phase-I - US$ 261.6 Million, (WB Revised PIP Phase-II), Phase-II - XDR 356.00 Million (WB ICR) and to be borne by the ADB was US$ 315.14 Million (ADB ICR) and Rs. 1363 Crore by the Government of Gujarat. Year wise expenditure incurred under these projects (till the projects were funded by the respective agencies) and expenditure incurred for projects which were funded by the Government of Gujarat funds since 2001-2002 is shown below:
(Rs. in Crore) As per Balance Sheet
Financial YearAggregate Expenditure
2001-2002 1512.94
2002-2003 911.53
2003-2004 655.79
2004-2005 677.20
2005-2006 658.04
2006-2007 322.62
2007-2008 254.90
2008-2009 281.32
2009-2010 95.39
2010-2011 51.34
2011-2012 38.95
2012-2013 39.76
2013-2014 80.12
2014-2015 86.72
2015-2016 Yet to be Finalized.
Total 5666.62
The details of the budget of GSDMA approved for the year 2016-2017 is as under
(Rs. in Crore)
Sr.NoName of Project / ActivitiesApproved Budget (Rs. In Crore)
1 Disaster Risk Management program (DRM Program) 2.30
2 Housing Package – 7 0.01
3 Procurement of Disaster Management Equipment (DM Equipment) 14.00
4 Construction of Parking Shed in ERC (at Baroda & Surat) 0.01
5 Construction of ERC Staff Quarters (at Gandhinagar) 0.40
6 Smritivan Project 5.50
7 Activities under School Safety Project 2.00
8 Media/outreach Publicity 2.75
9 Establishment of Flood Rescue Training Center (at Savli, Baroda) 0.01
10 Operation & Maintenance of 5 ERCs 2.75
11 Consultancy Service in Accounts, GSDMA 0.40
12 Construction of Mini ERC (at Dahej) 0.01
13 State Emergency Operation Center - SEOC 2.75
14 District Emergency Operation Center - DEOC 0.01
15 Disaster Management Plan & Upgradation 0.25
16 Taluka Emergency Operation Center - TEOC 0.01
17 Hospital Fire Safety & DSS 0.40
18 Chemical Safety Institute - IICSR 5.50
19 State Disaster Risk Force 1.55
(A) Total of 01 (Continue Item) Assistance to Disaster Management 40.61
1 National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project – NCRMP 50.00
(B) Total of 13 (Continue Item) National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project-NCRMP 50.00
1 Strengthening of SDMA & DDMA 0.79
(C) Total of 14 (Continue Item) Strengthening of SDMA & DDMA 0.79
Total (A +B +C) 91.40
Grant received under the 13th Finance Commission (2010-2015) through the Revenue Department
The 13th Finance Commission had observed that effective disaster response requires trained manpower to deal with complex situations where effective and speedy handling reduces the impact of a disaster on human life and property. It was therefore felt necessary to continuously undertake measures to build capacity amongst those responsible for disaster response and augmenting public awareness.
Accordingly, the 13th Finance Commission has recommended a grant of Rs. 525 Crores (for all the 28 States of the country) for building capacity within the administrative machinery for better handling of disaster response and for preparation of district and state level disaster management plans as envisaged under the Disaster Management Act of 2005. The total allocation for Gujarat is Rs. 30 Crores (for the year 2010-2011 to 2014-2015) having five equal installments of Rs. 6 Crores per year.
The grant is transferred to the Revenue Department of the State Government on a yearly basis by the Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure, Finance Commission Division, Government of India, New Delhi. On request of the Revenue Department, GSDMA had prepared a list of proposed projects / activities to be taken up from the 13th Finance Commission Grant and the same was submitted to the State Government for approval.
As per the approval accorded by the State Government, Revenue Department is transferring the grant to GSDMA for implementing the projects on a yearly basis. GSDMA, in turn, submits the utilization certificate for grant utilized to the Revenue Department which in turn, submits the same to the Government of India.
For the year 2010-2011 and 2011-2012, GSDMA has spent an amount of Rs. 8.51 Crores against Rs. 8.12 Crores received from the Revenue Department as 13th Finance Commission Grant for implementing projects which were approved by the State Government. A utilization certificate to this effect has also been submitted to the Revenue Department by GSDMA on 5th July 2012...
The guidelines for utilization of 13th Finance Commission Grant as stipulated by the Government of India can be referred through the link shown below:
Ministry Of Finance(Governmnet Of India)