State Level Cyclone Preparedness and Response Plan

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Gujarat, having the longest coast line of 1600 Kms. in the country is highly vulnerable to cyclone and storm surge. With several ports and innumerable large and small scale industries, Gujarat’s coastline attracts and supports huge population. This population is exposed to daunting risk of cyclones originating every year in the Arabian Sea.

Cyclone and storm surge not only affect the economic growth of the State but also jeopardize the livelihood of coastal communities. GSDMA has therefore prepared a State Level Cyclone Preparedness and Response Plan to mitigate the effects of cyclone, associated floods and storm surge hazards.
The plan provides the cyclone vulnerability and risk assessment, preparedness measures to be undertaken by each and every department of the State Government, the existing system of cyclone forecasting and warning dissemination to various stakeholders and the measures to be taken by the concerned departments for emergency response. The plan has been circulated to all the relevant line departments of the State Government for its implementation.
Soft copy of the Cyclone Preparedness & Response Plan can be downloaded from the link shown below:
Cyclone Preparedness & Response Plan