State Level Chemical & Industrial Disaster Management Plan

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Gujarat, one of the most industrialized States in the country, is known for its large concentration of chemical industries, particularly in a stretch of 400 kilometers from Ahmedabad to Vapi, known as the ‘Golden Corridor’. In Bharuch district, Ankleshwar, situated on the Narmada estuary, is Asia’s largest chemical zone.


Due to its high vulnerability to chemical and industrial hazards, the State needs to prepare itself for any emergency situation by strengthening the emergency response system at the local level and by ensuring that the units adhere to the various existing acts and rules regarding safe handling and transportation of chemicals. Hence GSDMA has prepared a comprehensive “Chemical and Industrial Disaster Management Plan for the State”.

For preparation of plan, a study the existing capabilities and thereafter a research and gap analysis for the state was conducted. Post this, a study of the existing system of response mechanism in the wake of chemical and industrial hazards in the State was conducted and steps were recommended to improve the response and recommend measures to minimize loss of life and property.

The Plan also includes measures for disaster prevention and mitigation related to chemical and industrial hazards.
Gujarat State Chemical Disaster Management Plan
Emergency Response Guidebook (English)
Emergency Response Guidebook (Gujarati)
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