Establishment of Gujarat Institute of Disaster Management

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At the time of the devastating earthquake of 26th January 2001, there was no training institute (either at the Central or at the State level) that could provide training to Government officials as well as the community at large in all aspects of disaster management. Hence in order to prepare the State for long term disaster mitigation and prevention, the State Government, at that time, had taken a conscious decision to set up a State Level Institute for Disaster Management and Mitigation in the State. 
Also as per the Gujarat State Disaster Management Act, GSDMA, as the nodal agency in the State for disaster management, has to set up the Gujarat Institute of Disaster Management (GIDM) to impart training to various stakeholders and officials of the State Government for effective management of disasters. Taking this into consideration and with a view to impart training to Government officials at various levels, NGOs and communities on a continuous on-going basis, the State Government decided to undertake a study on ‘Establishment of Gujarat Institute of Disaster Management’.
The study was completed and the final report suggested the framework for setting up of GIDM, the type of infrastructure that is should have to provide both theoretical and practical training, the course modules that the institute should offer and the staff structure that it should have to run the institute efficiently and effectively. GIDM has been established by the State Government on 26th January 2004. The new building of GIDM is also ready near Raisan Village, Gandhinagar and regular training courses are held at the institute. The process of establishing practical training area for providing training to emergency responders is also underway at GIDM.
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