Guidelines for preventing incidents of children getting trapped in bore

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It was brought to the notice of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India that in a number of cases reported in various States, children had been trapped and fallen into bore wells and tube wells or abandoned wells. The Hon’ble Supreme Court took suo moto initiative and issued notices to various States to take immediate measures to prevent such kind of incidents. 
The Hon’ble Supreme Court also issued measures / guidelines to all the States for preventing such incidents in the future. Based on the draft guidelines issued by the Hon’ble Supreme Court, GSDMA prepared a State specific guideline with roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder in preventing such incidents starting from the owner of the land / premises to the drilling agency to the Government agencies / departments.
The role of the District Collector in implementing the guidelines, putting in place a mechanism for monitoring the status of bore / tube wells and sending the monthly status report to the State Government was also defined. The guidelines were prepared by GSDMA and submitted to the State Government for implementation through the Revenue Department. Soft copy of the guidelines can be downloaded from this website.
Soft copy of the GR in Gujarati can be downloaded from this website from the link shown below:
Government Resolution by the Revenue Department (Gujarati)