Gujarat Professional Civil Engineers Act

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In Gujarat, after the 2001 Bhuj earthquake, GDCR in all Municipalities and Municipal Corporations were revised and inclusion of earthquake, wind and fire codes were made mandatory. However, it was found that many buildings including multi-storied buildings were not being constructed as per the building codes. Unless the structural drawings submitted to Municipal Corporations are scrutinized by competent authorities in the Corporations, making stringent provisions in GDCR alone cannot ensure building safety. 
An extensive study of prevention and mitigation arrangements made in various countries for the safety of the built environment has revealed that in all advanced countries, they have a provision for licensing of engineers based on competency of engineers. It was therefore felt necessary to have a competency based licensing of engineers for practicing engineers in Gujarat to ensure safety of the built environment. It was also felt necessary to create a separate body which will look into this aspect and provide a legal and regulatory framework.
GSDMA therefore prepared a draft bill titled ‘Gujarat Professional Civil Engineer’s Bill’ after many discussions, workshops and meetings with practicing engineers, engineer’s association and various national and international technical experts. The bill proposes the constitution of a Regulatory Body by the engineers themselves. This Regulatory Body will test the competency of engineers through appropriate examinations and interviews and will certify them. The Gujarat Professional Civil Engineer’s Bill was passed by the State Legislative Assembly in March 2006 and is being implemented through the R & B Department of the State Government.
The soft copy of the Act can be downloaded from the link shown below:
The Gujarat Professional Civil Engineers Act, 2006